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The Letters of Margaret Fuller


Edited by: Robert N. Hudspeth

The first letters in Volume I are those of a seven-year-old child; the last were written by an uncommonly well-educated woman ready for a larger challenge than schoolteaching could offer her. The letters tell the story of her work with Amos Bronson Alcott and his experimental Temple School, of the early days of her friendship with Ralph Waldo Emerson, of the beginnings of her life as a writer, and of her important work as translator and critic of Goethe.

Author Information

HudspethRobert N.:

Robert N. Hudspeth is Professor of English at the University of Redlands. He is the author of Ellery Channing and the editor of the six-volume Letters of Margaret Fuller, also available from Cornell, from which this selection is drawn.


"The publication of The Letters of Margaret Fuller, scrupulously edited and annotated... is something of a triumph, both as a scholarly service and as an act of restoration. It brings back to the forefront a figure who had belonged there all along."

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